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The Sekure Lok Swagable Safety Washer has two applications in the Tilt-Up and Precast Concrete Building Industry:

  1. For use with the non-weldable panel clip.
  2. For use as a safety component with temporary braces supporting tilt-up or precast concrete panels whilst awaiting the installation of the roof structure.

Sekure Lok™ Swagable Washer was designed to ensure safety when concrete panels are temporarily braced. Also, it can be incorporated in the use of non-weldable panel clip permanent connection for precast panels to steel framed buildings.






  1. Cost Benefit - 50% SAVING (See our Cost Comparison page for more details). USE SEKURE LOK AND SAVE $15.40 PER PANEL CLIP!
  2. No stress cracks around the panel connection points.
  3. The Sekure Lok Non-Weldable Panel Clip permits expansion and contraction whereas a welded panel clip does not.
  4. Installation is easier.
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